Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open Monument day, Amsterdam. And beer odyssey.

I clocked about 10km today wandering around Amsterdam. I have a blister of a size never had before. It's massive. But I saw a lot, and covered a lot of ground I'd never seen before!

For monuments, I went to:
- Muiderpoort
- Artis bibliotheek
- Dr. Sarphatihuis
- Occo Hofje
- Hollandsche Schouwburg
- Van Brants Rus Hofje

That's 6 out of a possible 64 scattered all over Amsterdam

Unfortunately my guide book was in Dutch and almost all the guides were Dutch but they are some beautiful historical sites that might only be open to the public this one time each year. I did however join one tour where the young gal tried very hard to tell me things, and in the end met a lovely couple who happily escorted me to the next venue which they had already been to but highly recommended.

After I wandered by the Amstel river-where what did I see? More people swimming in canals!!! I seriously can't believe it. So gross! Hundreds of them!

Then I went for a beer on a beautiful side street which was great as there was just the right breeze. It was so hot today.

Then walked through the city center.. And onto my favorite department store and finally sat out on their roof top patio and had frozen yogurt and another beer.

Only down side was the enormous blister and that I missed a train by about 1 minute. Lucky I had a book to read!

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