Saturday, September 22, 2012

Noordermarkt and Noorderkerk

Today I met up with my new friend, Ms.BD who I met last week at COS while standing in the fitting room line. We met at the markets named above- wandered around and I followed her on her errands- like flower shopping! After we stopped and had a drink, then another- we really had a lot in common which you might never expect having met standing in a line at a shop- but then again we were both trying the same shirt so that does say something!

We hope to meet up again next week if time permits-

She is originally not from holland or Amsterdam so she had some interesting outsider stories and tips. Which is nice being one myself.

The sun came out which was lovely- but it was definitely fall. I think I have to start wearing the jacket. It's been a good run.


tral.thor said...
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green eye gurl said...

Note to tral.thor:
Your "anonymous" identity is very telling. I will continue to treat you with kindness