Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think* this is what it's all about

So today I decided to head into Amsterdam with no set agenda but hopefully hitting a market that's only on Saturday's and finding a clothing store all my bloggers write about.

I wound up finding the market after a slight detour and checked out a different shopping area with nice creative boutiques for both home and self. Stopped and had a pear tart and latte. Browsed the market and bought some antique postcards- then it was time for a beer:
Where I sat next to a woman, also on her own with a beer and she asked to borrow my map. It's funny as this is my map I also used last year so it has all these personal notes scribbled in open spaces like parks, canals or port. I really would have given it to her if I didn't want my notes still! So she and I talked about all the places I'd scribbled on. She is Polish, who lives in New York, who works for a company in London, and is on business in Amsterdam. It was nice to have company on the patio!

Then I searched out the shop I wanted to find- and I did, and it's lovely:
Where, standing in a ridiculous line to try on 1 thing the woman behind me also was planning on trying the 1 same shirt. The conversation started with a debate on sizes and ended with her telling me about all the places I must go in Berlin- which is where she is from. In the end I gave her the shirt I tried (too small for me, perfect for her) and my email address.

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