Thursday, September 20, 2012


Made an unexpected run to Amsterdam today to meet ms. R (the friend of miss B's) for a lunch date and a visit to the OTHER side of the city. For some reason I always gravitate to the west side of the city... But the east... Well, all I ever knew about the east side was the red light district.

But... Surprize, the red light district is right between my November apartment and Dam square (city center). Ms. R at one time did tours for tourists in the red light district... So for the price of a scone and a latte she gave me an impromptu tour! I wanted to do that anyway as I don't really want to be awkward and nervous cutting through there (not that I plan on frequenting the neighbourhood) but there are also some cool stores, yummy restaurants and beautiful architecture there that would be missed otherwise.

And of course during the day it's a bit different- sure enough you can see all those ladies clear as day, but I have been there once at night and there was definitely a wilder, drunk, seedier vibe. A little intimidating. But today- it was nice.

After, we walked to another area where there are lots of beautiful shops- design, clothing, creative. It's so lovely having a tour guide!

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