Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chicken sate fail!

So after a month of eating bread and cheese the odd caprice salad and more bread I thought I should try something different. The local grocery store is called Albert Heijn and has some pretty spectacular microwave meals- that still very much were made by humans, and have expiry dates.

I decided to try the Chicken Sate steamer- from all things I could decipher you leave the plastic on, it steams through the hole on the top, microwave for 7.5 minutes and let sit for 1. I also had two independent people in the cashier line verify these details.


At the 7 minute mark the container had melted into some kind of warped oval. I needed a knife to hack it open and the chicken was definitely not cooked. Chicken, garbage. Then the noodles on the bottom were still cold? What?

So I put them on a plate at tried microwaving that. Plate burning hot, veg still cold. Arg!

Next time the veg option is the only way to go.

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