Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nederlands Architectuur Instituut NAI

This afternoon with the pouring rain made for a perfect museum day. We went to check out NAI which would be foolish to miss considering Rotterdam architecture makes quite the statement!

There were a few different spaces:

- two were highlighting specific architects: Louis Kahn and Lele

- the NAI Treasury: "Models to Fall in Love With" an amazing collection from the museum of models, diagrams and prototypes. This was my favorite part.

- Love the City/Dutchville: An audio tour through scale models of some of Rotterdam's most... er... controversial architectural land marks. You have never heard an audio tour like this. Never. Quotes like "what the f*#% were they thinking when they built that?" and "Christ! That's ugly". Seriously. I think that's probably the most honest sampling of people's opinions- and there was always another voice to chime in with a reasonable explanation of what the architects idea was- whether they agreed with it or not.

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