Thursday, October 4, 2012

Den Hague/ 's-Gravenhage

I went into Den Hague today which has long been a political capital for the netherlands. I wandered throughout the area and when my feet tired I found a gallery from my list and ventured inside. Today it was the Prince William V Gallery, the first public gallery in the Netherlands. The public could view art from his personal collection as early as 1774! (fyi back then, open Fridays from 11-1:00pm) It also must be one of the tiniest as it's only one room- back in the day I'm sure it was a lovely sitting room...

Other sights:
Twice, dogs waiting to take public transit! Once a mom and child with dog waiting to board a train at an opposing track in Rotterdam. And a very happy dog waiting to get on a city bus with his owner. He hopped right on! No crate needed. I wonder if they have a chipkaart too?

Some really nice bites both solo and with an acquaintance from Vancouver:

Ate with C at a really cool Italian restaurant- you get a card when you enter and walk around to whatever food/drink station you're interested in and then swipe each time you order... And pay once for all at the end. They also had rosemary and basil plants at every table do you can add a little something extra as needed!

Also these are super common and soooo satisfying after a long day of walking (with beer) 'bitterballen' crispy on the outside and crazy hot on the inside- served with mustard. Yum. But I burn my mouth every time.

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