Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Leaving Berlin

So I'm packed and cleaned up and heading out to get a coffee and snack before making my way to the train.

Some thoughts on Berlin: I am very glad I came. It was beautiful and crisp and big blue skies that felt like home when it's not raining in the winter. I think a huge factor was the generosity of C&T as with out them I would have barely scratched the surface. I feel like I know a bit about Berlin and it leaves me wanting more on another trip.

This week I've been following everyone at home getting ready for Halloween and it's strange because Germany has such a loaded past, Berlin has such a loaded past that you can't help looking around and thinking what a scary, creepy place this had been for so many years. I have felt it. It's real.

Overall such an interesting place. It was a great introduction!

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