Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rotterdam market and Oude Noorden

This morning I got up when it was still dark and skyped with some girlfriends from home. Too early to have a glass of wine with them but so nice to have a catch up.

When I got up later I realized it was one of the market days so went to check it out- it's a huge square and a seemingly never ending collection of booths (I think up to 450 venders at times). I bought a tiny bouquet of sweet peas.

Then I went and had a latte and decided to try navigating to a new area of Rotterdam for me- not so far, only about a 20 minute walk. And so glad I did- lovely small art and design boutiques. At one shop I met the duo who's place it was and wound up having a chat about the area- the river behind them is the start of the city. Rotte River: build a dam: became Rotterdam.

The area is being redeveloped especially wanting tenants who are like the live/work studio idea- so this shop had other dutch and European designers and they also make jewellery in their space. The rest of the street I was treated to more gems of the same: a woman making beautiful leather bags and pouches, and a chocolatier (highly recommended by the first shop!)

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