Sunday, October 28, 2012

Parliament Building, Reichstag

This morning I made my way to the Reichstag building for a tour. I had been pre registered so I did not have to wait in line- but there is elaborate security.

This is the house of parliament, but there is a unique glass dome on the roof that you can do a visual 360 degree Birdseye tour of the city. There is also an audio tour that's triggered at different points as you walk up, and again on the way down.

Even from the street you can see people walking up the spiral staircases. Today was hovering around 0oC so it was certainly chilly up there as although you are enclosed in glass, parts like the base and the top are open to the elements. There was also a lot of frost on the shady side making it a bit hard to see the Tiergarten (city park across the street that was once a hunting ground for royalty/leaders).

After our huge walk yesterday there were many points and places I recognized. It really does give you a great idea of the city.

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