Monday, October 1, 2012


Last night I attended a family members birthday back in Weesp- birthdays are a pretty big deal here so it was nice to be part of it. Most people were older but really made a huge effort for me and English. In exchange I helped refill a few wine glasses! Because we ended late I stayed overnight, and then had a bit of mellow time with the family.

I had to head back into Amsterdam anyway for the train so made a day of it and met up with miss R for a latte and most scrumptious lemon cheese cake at a really cool cafe called Latei.

Then I did something totally new- took a ferry to Noord (north) Amsterdam over the Het Ij (the body of water north of Amsterdam city center) The ferry is a kind of in-between version of the seabus and the aquabus. Went to this brand new film centre called The Eye where I saw a really cool exhibition of film installations. Its quite the building- you'll have to google as I forgot a photo of that- They also have about a dozen theaters where they seem to screen classics as well as art and foreign films. And the coolest cafe and unique view of the city! Thats where I met ms. BD for a visit... We are both heading out on excursions so a hello, and then Bon voyage.

As I type this I am on the train back to Rotterdam. The true start to phase 2.

BTW, you pronounce Ij like 'eye'

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