Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally... Lisbon

After delays at the airport, and more delays on the tarmac, my flight took off for Lisbon, Portugal.

I was pretty stressed as when I arrived as I was supposed to meet the mom of my airbnb host at the apartment. By the time I showed up it was her brother in law- thank goodness he said my name as I hopped out of the cab because we are on a tiny street with trams and busy-ness and before I knew it he scooped up my bag and took it inside number 247. The place is even cooler than the photos! She must be an artist (sculptor perhaps?) because the place is filled with the most eccentric collection of chairs and lighting and objects. And it's beautiful.

We are practically on the steps of the Basilica da Estrela. It's nice to hear the church bells ring as I was missing that in Rotterdam.

I went up and down my street and got some snacks and drinks. Unfortunately no wifi, and can't get the tv to work for tonight so I think it will be very quiet here this evening. Tomorrow I'll venture out farther: the smartest thing I did today was get my greeter to point out home on a map, so hopefully won't get too lost. First glance, Lisbon looks like a maze.

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