Friday, October 12, 2012


After our water taxi dropped us on the other side we walked through a beautiful park- it was super rainy and windy today- and definitely autumn.

Emerging from the trees was the massive Euromast. It is an observation tower, restaurant and there is even one super deluxe hotel room up there!

We rode the elevator to the restaurant and above that, an observation deck. It was SO WINDY! SO. SO. WINDY. We found a set of exterior stairs to get to the next level... and it was.. um... the scariest thing I can remember doing in ages. I was clinging to the hand rail with both hands as my purse was literally horizontal from the extreme wind. I started to panic half way up and visualized possibly having to crawl the rest of the way. I did not feel secure at all. Then LvL got ahead of me and I could hear her shouting my name... Why? Oh at the top of these stairs there was the elevator we should have taken.

After we recovered we got into the next level that was a seating area that rotates and rises another 85 meters. It was quite the view- I really felt we were in the storm clouds!

After we had a warm drink in a James Bond style lounge- watched the sun come out just in time to set.

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