Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How's Gouda?

You know the cheese, do you know the town? Today I did a day trip to Gouda. I sort of decided a trip to the Netherlands would not be complete without a trip here!

It's a bustling little town and has an interesting city square with the gothic city hall building right in the middle.

I also went to the GoudA Museum which was filled with an interesting collection of church art and outfits worn by priests, ceramics from the area (some 100's of years old), history of the development of the town starting in the year 1000, and of course paintings.
And then another contradiction: in one wing there were two rooms right across from each other. One set up as an elaborate meeting room from probably at least 500 years ago- and then step into the future: the other room with a chance to virtually interact with pieces from the archives... You hold a sphere with sensors and when you chose an object off the computer you can rotate the sphere in your hards so you can see the object on the screen from any angle. Wacky!

And of course no trip to Gouda without seeing some cheese... Check out the decorations hanging from the streets!

BTW all this time, all these years I did not know the correct way to pronounce Gouda was 'HOW da'

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