Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Museum Meermanno

The 'house of the book', was holding the 2012 International Paper Biennial. Be still my heart!

6 artists and one group used paper, text, typography and books to create sculpture, installations and new stories.

The Combat Paper project- USA, rag paper made from army uniforms by US Veterans, text in their own words

Alicia Martin- Spain, waterfall of books

Ros Rixon- UK/Canada, paper chains

Ebon Heath- letter sculptures and installations

Jerome Corgier- France, sculptural typography

The museum also had a really old library room, and a collection of miniatures.

The book waterfall certainly has quite the visual impact, but the Combat Paper Project is quite the emotional impact. What a way to help veterans process- in multiple senses of the word- their experience.

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