Sunday, October 28, 2012


When I heard about this 'abandoned' airport in the middle of Berlin I knew I had to go.

Originally built in 1927 and then reconstructed for the nazis in the 1930's. It's massive, at one time was in the top 20 biggest buildings in the world (but boasted the smallest duty free shop?!)

It seems it was still operating as an airport until as late as 2007 or 2008- and then it opened as a city park in May 2010.

Today: cyclists, runners, kite fliers, kids, dogs, frisbee players, bbq's, mini golf, community garden, art installations, soccer players,

and me.

Considering how much time I have spent at airports I have NEVER seen it like this- to walk out on a runway... the length of it. To see the airport from the other side. As a tiny speck of a human in such an expanse that I could not really see the perimeter except that at some point you see trees and apartments. Just awesome.

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Miss Biliana said...

I actually flew into it a few years back! I think it is great what they did!