Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I decided to wait and see what the weather was doing today- perfect conditions for walking around a new town. Dordrecht was not on my original list of places to visit, but I was interested in the alternative mode of transport: ferry.

Leaving from Rotterdam every 30 minutes is the hour long ferry ride- it stops in a few other areas along the river. Again, kind of like the seabus- you can also bring your bike on, but no cars.

When I got off the ferry I was pretty hungry, and though the place is small I was already lost... But not for long- I spotted a cafe and went in. After my usual apology for not speaking dutch I wound up in the presence of Tish from Seattle. It was her cafe, and, wait for it.... She had homemade pumpkin pie! (she has lived here for 5 years and it took 4 years to source pumpkin closer than Germany). She gave me a walking map and some tips (best gallery, best chocolate shop) and off I went. I did not even notice the name until I left: the Beatnik American Cafe.

Dordrecht was really pretty, lots of small curvy streets, lots of boats and little canals. It also really felt like fall. Leaves swirled on the streets and into the canal.

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