Monday, October 29, 2012


The other half of the Stasi Museum was almost all forms of surveillance. I loved James Bond and Q, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. This is the stuff my childhood adventure fantasies were made of!

The amount of surveillance is astounding. A video I watched said according to Stasi there were only about 2000 people under surveillance in Germany but I don't believe it for a second. Some people were sure they had been watched for years but later, there was no evidence they ever had a file.

In the end, the Stasi were not so secretive as they came to the publics attention attempting to burn files. The fires were too big in their secret locations! Then things really worked against them when they simply did not own enough shredders to do it all, so they hand ripped documents: currently there is an organization dedicated to reassembling torn documents. They are still working on it. A mail bag has approximately 10,000 scraps.

Photo 1: log camera, 2: birdhouse camera 3: button hole camera 4: men's tie camera, 5: fabric smell samples (so Stasi dogs could chase them down) 6: woman's purse camera 7: stump camera 8: watering can camera

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