Friday, October 26, 2012

Leaving Lisbon

Some last impressions and activities from Lisbon.

Our last day was stormy and wet. The bus ride day two, was sort of aimless but we covered a lot of ground so I definitely have a feel for the surrounding areas as well.

In the early evening we wound up back in the city center and went to the cathedral pictured here in the Alfama area and had a delicious and interesting seafood meal (and drink) at the Museu da Cerveja right by the water.

After dinner we finally got to ride a crazy rickety old tram back up to our place- after days of walking hills and watching them clang by the apartment it was crowded but cool.

Over all not convinced I'd go back, but there are some really beautiful places, people were very friendly and helpful, the apartment was great and easy to get to and from.

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