Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonneveld House Museum

On the edge of the Museumpark since 1933 is the ultra modern, private home of the Sonneveld's.

In the late 1920's Mr. Albertus Sonneveld commissions architects Brinkman & Van der Vlugt to design his family home in the style of "Nieuwe Bouwen". And fit it with the best technical advancements of the time.

A video interview with a family member said that his aunt went to school in the morning from a traditional house (cramped, limited facilities, old) and came home to lunch to a new address, super modern, new furniture, new beds, even new kitchen plates. The only thing they brought from the old house was clothing and their toys.

Mrs. Sonneveld was really strict with her staff about cleaning- and it's really paid off as it is one of the best preserved museum houses built in this style and from this time.

You have to agree at how modern it was, as it screams 'Mad Men' offices- but even that is 30 years after this house was completed!

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