Monday, October 8, 2012

The Kube House

It might look like an optical illusion, but the cube houses in Rotterdam are quite the architectural sight. They are very much cubes tilted onto a point- and people live in them!
I was told there was one open for the public, so I went today and for the low price of €2.50 I had one all to myself!

There are 51 cubes and currently 38 with residents. Number 70 has been turned into a private museum by the owner after having lived there in the past. Three floors, connected by a tight spiral staircase in the middle: main, living room and kitchen- second floor bedrooms- third, loft style sitting room.

It's quite the view out those windows- and when I say quite the view, I mean quite the view: considering people are ogling these houses all the time, no one has put up curtains. No one. Even the girl working there confirmed it and already walking by one night I saw a man who didn't see the need for clothing, or window coverings. Although I'm sure it would also be an architectural feat to install some.

If in the future if I don't have a house-sit, there is always the YHA- there is a youth hostel located in a cluster of them!

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