Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simon Van Gijn Museum aan huis

While in Dordrecht I decided to go to the Simon Van Gijn house- Mr. Van Gijn lived in the house with his wife from 1864-1922. He was quite the collector: arts and crafts, prints, coins, silver, books, ceramics and an interest in interior decorating.

The house still shows as a house. They have kept it as close to what it was like when he lived there- he just happens to have all his collection on display.

His passion for collecting and cataloging is just as significant as the collection itself- he documented everything- so when restorers decided to repair a wall or replace a carpet he also had notes, journals, photographs and sketches of the originals.

His dying wish was that his house (as is) and his extensive collection of art and culture be open and on display for the public. It has been such since 1925!

The addition is a toy collection in the attic on the 4th floor. That collection is mostly from 1895-1934. I have to admit I was a bit creeped out by the whole thing: I was basically alone in the house today save a few security guards. And no one joined me up there... But in the background... A carousel turns slowly pumping out a warbled soundtrack... Dolls look out from their glass boxes... The floor creaks. Yeah. I already was having weird dreams in holland I don't think this will help.

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