Friday, October 5, 2012

Museum Boijmans

A few yeas ago I hosted an exchange student at Emily Carr who was from Rotterdam. Well here we are a few years later roles reversed! We met at the train station and she took me to a cute restaurant for a yummy lunch (I spotted this place already on my walks and thought wouldn't it be nice to have a snack there with a friend?). Perfect.

We then went for a walk to a new area for me and talked about life, studies, travel and art... And decided to go the Museum Boijmans which I would say is a bit of a contradiction: amazing collection of works that look plucked from ancient churches and the Rijksmuseum- and then ultra modern Jeff Koons in the foyer, an exhibit of a winner from a fashion award and then we chilled out for a bit in this crazy net suspended above a stairwell (hang onto your keys, and I was almost too nervous to take my iphone out of my purse out of fear I might drop it) and watched a film installation.

Then we went to LvL's favorite room: an installation by Yayoi Kusama... You stand surrounded by a sea of polka dots! Thanks LvL for a great day! Looking forward to our next gallery visit

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