Friday, October 5, 2012

Maritiem Museum library

I decided to try out the library at the museum to see what information they had. Go figure, librarians know everything: no we don't have passenger lists, but yes I know the ship your mothers family travelled on.

The Waterman has quite the history traveling back and forth between Canada and the Netherlands from 1951 to about 1961 when it was sold and refurbished for other purposes. During war times it transported a max of 1600 troops at a time, and later 850 immigrants per trip on their journey. It's funny as the ship actually started very close to home, build in a ship yard at the Oregon Shipbuilding Cooperation, based in Portland Oregon in 1944. It ended it's run and returned to scrap in Onomichi Japan in 1970.

If you know someone else who's family immigrated from holland at this time they were likely on this boat as it made up to 20 trips per year in it's heyday.

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